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Jake Caleb
Ingvild Melberg Eikeland

Juliane Foronda 

Chun-yu Liu
Irina Mutt
Åsa Osmundsen Opedal 

Ananda Serné
Sigmund Skard
Caroline Stampone

Stacey de Voe

For the first Summer Academy at Hordaland Kunstsenter, I proposed a set of tools for group thinking: a mobile and anonymous platform for collaborative writing; a collective morning routine, accompanying this text by US poet and writer Harmony Holiday; and selected historical sites for contemplation, in Bergen and Dale, Norway.


The title for our toolkit is ‘Descaling a curse, digested unknowingly, projected unwillingly. Refuse to carry its weight any further.


In a two part workshop, we will begin by looking at unionising as a tool for artists to demand better futures, collaborative writing processes, and collective magic, to build a spell together from a common concern or problem. This will form the starting point of a shared, anonymous and digital conversation throughout our days together in the Summer Academy. A special emphasis will be put on our collective effort to use and digest the language, models, metaphors and imagery introduced in the other workshops. The week ends with a collective analysis of the language that has emerged within the group, and how/whether it reveals something about our initial concern or problem.

Summer Academy took place 8 - 13 August 2019,

at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, and at Nordic Artists' Center Dale, Sogn og Fjordane (NO)

Elise Carron (FR) 
Ina Hagen (NO)
The Entangled Readers (NL/AU) 

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