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Collection As Allocated Objects; Soft City Performance Festival 2014 

Installation view, Tidens Krav, Oslo



I entered this performance – a poker game with an art collection at stake – with the work "Open source product (grip)" and played for approx. 4 hours, ending fifth out of ten players. I thus lost my work to Nils Wogsted, who, upon entering an alliance with the other players in the top, donated the collation to the National Museum of Art in Norway. 

"Ten participants have been selected, and ten artworks will be collected. The participants will put out, then put in, and fold back on and into themselves, creating a void wherein the law of ten-fold return becomes a manageable speculative spectacle that does not rely on karmic-, communal-, or non-profit work, but rather on charade, aggression factor, and ten pairs of sweaty palms, and ten sets of moisty pits. On the rims of an oval shaped meditation circle the participants are forced to assess their refined sensitivity for human psychology, their discipline and ability to do mathematics – and most importantly – their understanding of risk vs. reward."

–Tidens Krav, Oslo

Bjørn Bjarre
Constance Tenvik via Vanessa Ohlraun
David Bernstein
Ina Hagen
Lars Monrad Vaage
Marius Engh via Jorunn Hancke Øgstad
Morten Viskum
Nils Wogsted
Nasjonalmuseet / The National Museum 
Thora Dolven Balke via ghostplayer

Kåre Magnus Bergh
Sverre Gullesen
Anders Dahl Monsen

Anders Holen
Linda Lerseth
Mercedes Mühleisen
Sverre Gullesen
Øyvind Aspen

This project was curated by Tidens Krav and Sverre Gullesen as part of Soft City Performance Festival 2014, developed by Kunsthall Oslo.

For more information about Tidens Krav and Collection As Allocated Objects, click here.

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