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We invited architect Yuichiro Onuma to design the exhibition architecture in our studio space and make a plan based on the selected artworks along with traces found in the studio, made by former students and users of it. These traces were included as works on the same level as the planned exhibit.


All participating artworks were then traced on a map where each was listed with the names of everyone involved in making the work happen.

Being involved, in one way or other, is seen as being part of creating the work, with no differentiation between influences, assistants, actors or artist. The artist was mentioned as one among the list of names, but not separated or made to stand out from the list.


Participants: Carl Segelberg, Daisuke Kosugi, Ronak Moshtaghi, Ina Hagen, Mari, Sigbjørn Pilskog, Viktor Pedersen, Ayatgali Tuleubek, Kim Sletbach Groustra, Yuichiro Onuma


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